Kimoco’s continuous evolution

Kimoco has been a leader in the sample industry for more than 40 years and our way of working is ‘constantly evolving’ as times and technologies advance.
Over the years we have made the process more and more efficient by applying it to new working tools.
In an increasingly automated world, it is easy to forget about manpower, or to take it for granted.
Not so for us. It is the people who make our work process unique.
Our people are fundamental, vital to the excellence we strive for. Kimoco Quality is guaranteed by the people who make it possible.

Our “Quality People”

Our company is unique in its production process, where man and machine work together for a product of excellence.

Kimoco is always up to date with technology, but innovation alone is not enough.
It takes mind and heart to express it with precision and care.

This is our uniqueness: the people in our team, who carry on the values we believe in.

A reliable partner in step with the times

Over the years the processes of companies have changed and Kimoco has been able to anticipate the market; we are an ever-present partner for you and we are ready to respond to even the most innovative requirements.

Our company respects people and the environment, this is why we are proud to say that we have a Green policy.
Kimoco group uses renewable energy produced through our photovoltaic plants and completely organic materials.
With us you get high quality, 100% sustainable products.