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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Informations about products, service and processing techniques

Yes, Kimoco offers all these services, which are available in a 100% customisable way.

No, Kimoco’s products are fully customisable. Some processes may require additional installation costs for layouts/working tools needed for the processing steps.

There are requests that are considered complementary to the whole order, which help to present the final product in the best possible way: the sample book.
Some of these services that complement the production of the sample book are: printing on paper, production of binder boxes, supply of scotch tape or customised packaging or supply of individual components such as sealing rings, screws, sealing systems and others.

Order Informations

Kimoco’s strength lies in its flexibility: our production resources allow us to guarantee an excellent service to small, medium and large companies.
We have no minimum quantities and our technological capacity supports the customer even with the largest requests.

Kimoco’s machining operations are linked to the characteristics and the size of the job, but the significant contribution of technology at all stages of production allows the company to provide the customer with a clear, guaranteed and advantageous schedule from the outset. This comes after defining the size of the job with our operational managers.

The customer can write in the “Contacts” section on the site, using the dedicated form. In the most urgent cases, the customer can directly contact Kimoco offices at 0571.31942, to be directed to the most suitable commercial/production contact.

Kimoco supports the customer in the design, development and after sales phase. After elaborating the design and defining the necessary steps, the customer provides the materials to be processed and assembled on his sample books.
Kimoco takes care not only of the realisation but also of the supply of any components useful for the success of the work, such as: graphic service, printing, closing tools, material support for colour matching (paints) etc. Kimoco is also available to make contact with any of its customer’s suppliers, if necessary, to facilitate the receipt of materials for our processing.

The customer may need to complete small jobs for their materials in a short period of time (leather cutting, bunching in very small quantities, labelling of already cut material).
Kimoco has an industrial footprint and its departments are set up according to a chain structure that respects calendars and work orders that may take several days to complete.
Kimoco is also committed to supporting those with immediate needs, always guaranteeing excellent results: however, it is strongly recommended to communicate everything with a minimum of notice, to allow the company to take charge of the order without impacting on the outcome of other work already scheduled.

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