Colour charts: your company story starts here

Colour charts are a type of sample book for all types of fabrics, leathers and synthetics. In addition to being an excellent presentation tool in the hands of the company, colour cards are a functional sales tool. For this reason, their creation and personalisation are a fundamental element in your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should choose Kimoco colour cards to present your brand.

Colour cards: your customized business

The customisation of colour cards (material, format, cut, etc.) allows to create real design elements. Thanks to graphic support, Kimoco is able to offer maximum personalisation by hot foil stamping, as well as a wide choice of different formats and cards.
Choosing the right colour cards for your samples means taking care of the first impression your customer will have with your company.
Relying on Kimoco’s experience will allow you to present your personalised business card in the best possible way, guaranteeing maximum precision and strategic advice, the result of over forty years’ experience in the field.

Love at first touch: Tactile sensation as a tool for persuasion and a sign of quality

The tactile sensation of the sample book is the first instrument of “connection” with your customer, the one that can make them perceive at first sight your modus operandi and the philosophy behind the brand.
The material of the colour references and the paper, cardboard or other material that encloses them share the common denominator of touch.
In our experience, we have found that this combination can be a real winner.
The contact with the finish composing the support itself introduces the customer on his journey of discovery of materials, through touch and analysis of textures and colours.
Matt and glossy plastic coatings, raw cardboard, canvas finishes for a ‘woven’ effect, or soft-touch can say a lot about your brand, inspiring love at first touch.

A journey that starts here

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