Where can error “settle”?

An error can sometimes be very costly. In the world of sample collections, even a very small one is enough to undermine the quality of the final product.
Colour references are often accompanied by a description/article code, either printed or directly contained on the material itself, depending on our customer’s wishes and requirements.
In a supply, be it a hundred or a million sample books, a single incorrect “Article-Colour Code” combination is already very dangerous for the successful production of the sample book. The error chain can then propagate from the seemingly harmless error on the sample book to the big mistake that compromises an entire project.

What are the real consequences of errors in the production of a sample book?

In the course of its experiences, Kimoco has heard of incidents and stories about errors in the start-up phase and subsequent implications for the final product.
For example, during an interview with a multinational company that produces materials for large architectural projects, we were told about an incident that occurred during the collaboration with the company that had provided its support in the development of the sample book: a small plate of material had been placed in the wrong spot on a colour chart.
The colour chart was handed over to an architect, who was subsequently hired for a large project.
The choice of a cladding for which the sample book had to be viewed fell on the cladding that had been the subject of the production error. This resulted in a structure clad in a material totally different from the expectations and needs of the project.

What does Kimoco do to guarantee a 100% Error Free product?

We know how delicate this “error chain” is and we stand by the side of the companies to ensure that they can achieve their goals, through a correct path that goes from the abstract phase of the idea to the production of the samples, as the final result.
In order to guarantee maximum quality and safety we have invested in advanced technology, so that we can deliver to our customers a product that is 100% Error Free.
This is a safe and flawless solution thanks to the use of machinery with numerical cross-reading, capable of matching a single colour to the exact position within the folder.
In addition to being extremely precise, these instruments also guarantee 24-hour processing and ensure the total absence of errors during operations. These machines are prohibited from continuing a job if even the slightest deviation occurs.
Our operators are constantly working to support the machines, both in the organisational phase and in the post-production phase, when every single product produced is carefully and again checked to ensure that it conforms to the customer’s expectations.